Dyslexia Assessment and Support Services

  • Do you or your children experience difficulties with reading and/or spelling?
  • Is this causing difficulties for your child at school or for you at college, university or at work?
  • Is it preventing you (or your child) from reaching your potential?


Why Choose us?

You will not find an individual or company that charges less than we do for the same service. I have personal experience of seeing the difficulties and struggles that children and adults with dyslexia have. Therefore I try to make the costs as low as possible so that the assessments are affordable for as many people as possible.

Many assessment services produce a report of their findings but no recommendations. Once you know what the problem is you also need to know what to do about it.

There are numerous online tests. Most tell you if there is a good chance that you are dyslexic and then want to sell a course of lessons or a product.

There are no hidden extras: You will not be charged for travel, postage, additional reports etc. The price quoted will be the total price that you pay.

A dyslexic child frequently experiences a sense of failure.

They cannot understand why they find it so hard to do the work that others find easy. They feel the hurt and embarrassment of being considered “stupid” or “slow.” The effects can be devastating for them leading to lack of confidence and self-esteem that they carry to adulthood.

The longer you leave it the worse it will become!

If you feel that you or your child may be dyslexic please access the Basic Dyslexia Checklist...

Dyslexia Assessment Details

A Unique Service

The service I provide is for people of all ages; children, teenagers and adults and that is one of the features that make it unique. Other features of my service that make it different to others include the fact that, once I have carried out the assessment, my report contains not just the results but also recommendations. I am also happy to meet up with you to go over the report and answer any questions that you may have. This is very important as there may be weaknesses I have found that you don’t understand or recommendations you would like to discuss further.



Training Courses and Resources

For Schools

We offer learning assessments for children and a series of training workshops. Any of the workshops can be adapted or combined to meet the needs of your school. Alternatively they can be delivered to a network of schools to keep costs down...