Assessment Details


Who is the assessment for?

The assessment is suitable for children aged 6 years and over, teenagers and adults. Although the assessment is aimed at people who think that they may be dyslexic, it will also help people who have general learning difficulties or ADD/ADHD.

The whole assessment process involves:

  • A pre-assessment questionnaire for you to complete to provide some background about family history, hearing, vision and co-ordination, and any other developmental issues, weaknesses and strengths and specific difficulties.
  • Initial meeting to discuss the questionnaire in more detail.

Thorough Diagnostic assessment

The assessments will include a variety of tasks. It is not like an exam and there are no right or wrong answers. I will be trying to build up a picture of how you think and process information, to look at the whole person and examine the root cause of any learning difficulties. The assessment normally takes up to 2 hours and includes ability and language tests and also reading and spelling. The final part involves building up a dyslexic profile, testing a range of factors including:

  • Cognitive (thinking) skills
  •  Memory
  • Sequencing
  • Information processing
  • Literacy skills
  • Vision and hearing
  • Laterality and motor skills

Comprehensive report with recommendations

It is not enough to have a report showing that you are dyslexic (which is all that many assessment agencies provide). What you need is a report that provides recommendations of how you can help yourself at home or at work. More importantly you also need recommendations for your college or employer.
Your report will give results of all the tasks and tests taken, what that means and the implications. It will also provide conclusions and a comprehensive list of recommendations for work and home.

For Children: I can provide recommendations for school at no extra cost

For Adults: I can also provide recommendations for your university/college or employer if you wish at no extra cost.


Verbal consultation to discuss the report and recommendations in detail and time for you to ask any questions. This part of my service is rarely provided by other dyslexia assessment and testing services.

I understand and can empathise with your concerns and fears. I would be happy to visit you to carry out the assessment or for you to come to me, whatever will make the process easier for you.

Although I am based in Victoria I can travel interstate according to demand.


How Can I book an Assessment? To find out more about costs, my background in dyslexia and to book an assessment Contact Us

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