About Us 

I had been a teacher in the UK for over 20 years until 2006 when my family and I left England to live in Australia.

During my teaching career I have taught in a number of schools from large inner city to small village schools, from social priority to affluent areas. I worked for one county as a School Improvement Consultant going into failing schools and improving standards in teaching and learning

Our site

This site is primarily a support and information site for Children and Adults who are dyslexic or think that they may be. It is also a site for parents and teachers offering quality resources and workshops for children and for them.

About our site

We provide dyslexia assessments and support for adults and children. We will also provide good quality resources for you to use whether you are a parent, a teacher, or a day care provider.
Our website is constantly being updated with new ideas.
Our aims are to:

  • Offer assessments for children and adults
  • Provide quality resources for use at school and at home
  • Offer workshops around Victoria and for other States
  • Offer In-service training for schools and parent groups
  • Provide a forum for sharing teaching ideas and resources

A forum for Parents and Teachers

In addition to offering these services we also want to serve as a forum for parents and teachers to ask questions and receive help and advice.

If you have any reason you would like to be featured please contact us and we will do our best to find the best answers. Likewise if you have any advice that would help others we would love to hear from you.

Please provide us with feedback:

Tell us what we are doing right and what you would like to see included.


We will continue to update and add to the range of resources I am offering. If you would like to contribute to our resource bank please contact us.