First 100 High Frequency Word Fan

  High frequency words are very important for your child to learn to read (and spell) because they account for the majority of the words a child will read (D.J. Kear & M.A. Gladhart).

Many of the initial high frequency words are “sight words”  because they do not follow the basic phonics principles, therefore they cannot be “sounded out.”

High Frequency words promote confidence. Because the first 100 High Frequency words represent over approximately 50% of English text, a young child who has mastered the list of initial words can already recognise much of a sentence in his reading scheme book.

High Frequency words help promote reading comprehension. If a child can recognise these words easily, she/he will be able to focus less on decoding and more on comprehension and this helps strengthen understanding of the text.



If these words make up a high percentage of words a child will read then they will also make up many of the words a child will spell. Children, especially those with dyslexia or other learning difficulties, may struggle to retain these words and will need thewords to refer to easily, by their side as they are working.

The High Frequency Word Fan contains the first 100 words graded according to difficulty (It also compliments the Letters and Sounds program). It is discreet yet easily accessible and is:

  • Useful to support children with the spelling of common words
  • Has 25 words on each petal, 4 petals per fan graded according to ability
  • Measures 4.5cm x 24cm

    Cost $4.99