Coloured Reading Rulers

Do you or your child suffer from scotopic sensitivity/visual stress? Do you or your child struggle to read or suffer frequently from headaches or migraines? Would you like to make reading faster and easier? A significant proportion of the population would benefit from the use of a correctly selected coloured reading ruler.

Available in multicolour packs;

 5 rulers per pack: aqua blue, grass green, yellow, pink and purple

10 rulers per pack: aqua blue, sky blue, grass green, celery green, jade green, magenta, yellow, pink, orange and purple

Coloured Reading Rulers - A multi-coloured pack of 5 or 10 rulers

Can result in significant improvement in reading ability for dyslexics and those with visual stress

  • Do you or your child suffer from scotopic sensitivity/visual stress?
  • Do you or your child struggle to read or suffer frequently from headaches or migraines
  • Are you or your child dyslexic?
  • Would you like to make reading faster and easier?
  • Are you a class teacher or a teacher with responsibility for special needs provision?


$20 for the set of 5 rulers

$30 for the set of 10 rulers

Schools if you require a tax invoice please email a purchase order rather than use the online ordering system. Payment would then be on receipt of the invoice obtained with the delivered goods. Email your order to  Phone: 0402225051


A significant proportion of the population would benefit from the use of a correctly selected coloured reading ruler. Available in multicolour packs, 5 rulers per pack (aqua blue, purple, yellow, pink and green)

What Difference do Coloured Reading Rulers make?

  • By putting a coloured reading ruler on top of a book, the print can stay still or suddenly it becomes clear and much easier to read.
  • When a person has the right tint, a number of aspects of reading can improve, including attention span, reading speed, fluency and comprehension.
  • Reading journals say they can raise reading levels by more than a year in less than a week.
  • Many children and adults with reading difficulties or dyslexia suffer from visual difficulties. There is evidence that coloured reading rulers steady eye control and greatly help such individuals with their reading.
  • Coloured reading rulers also aid several other neurological disorders affecting vision. For example they have been shown to improve reading rate in a high proportion of individuals with autistic spectrum disorders
  • Many individuals who use coloured reading rulers have reported a reduction in headaches and migraines
  • The intolerance to light and sound that follows head injury is often associated with reading difficulties for which coloured lenses may offer benefit, according to Coloured reading rulers have long been proposed as a possible treatment in photosensitive epilepsy

What do Users think?

Adults and children I have used coloured reading rulers with have made comments such as:
“The print has stopped moving, how can that happen?”
“My child now uses the coloured reading rulers at home and at school and, not only have we all seen significant progress in his reading ability, but he now actually enjoys reading.”
“Is this how everyone else sees print? No wonder I found reading so difficult.”

When I have used the coloured reading rulers in class or with children who have specific learning difficulties the children say the colour change 'Stops the words moving', and 'makes the letters look bigger and clearer.’

Why Coloured Reading Rulers?

When it was initially suggested that coloured reading rulers could dramatically improve reading ability, such claims were dismissed as them just having a novelty effect. However, there has been much research into this theory and scientific evidence proves that coloured lenses or reading rulers can be extremely effective. Professor Arnold Wilkins (currently Head of the visual Perception unit at the University of Essex) found that up to 20% of the population of the UK schools where he conducted his research suffered in varying degrees from visual distortions or discomfort associated with reading. His book “Reading Through Colour” tells the story of the discovery and development of the use of coloured reading rulers and tinted glasses to help overcome reading difficulty, which can sometimes result in almost miraculous improvements

Which Colour is right for me?

There is no one colour that suits each person. However most people find that yellow or blue are the most effective ones for them. That is why each pack of 5 reading rulers contains the two most effective shades of blue, yellow and also red (the primary colours). By blending the primary colours you can make any colour.

The Coloured Reading Ruler

The Reading Ruler is a 2.5” deep plastic strip with tinted transparent edges and an opaque central area that allows the reader to read through the colour of their choice while tracking the line with the edge of the strip. (See photo).

There are 2 windows. The narrow window, this is suited to early readers as the focus is confined. The wider window allows readers to see a larger amount of text. The aim is to read from the tracking line down so that it is possible to scan ahead.
Because the Reading Ruler can slip into a pocket or pencil case, or even remain inside the book as a bookmark, it does not carry the “Special Needs” stigma of a full size coloured reading ruler.

About 40% of schools in England now use these Reading Rulers as part of their intervention strategy for students with reading difficulties.

How can they be used?

In many schools teachers keep a selection of reading rulers on their desk or in a common resource area, and children - not always those with reading difficulties, either- just help themselves to “their” colour when needed.

  • Any class teacher or teacher with responsibility for special needs who suspects a child may be suffering from visual stress can use them to test whether they do make a difference to how the child sees the print.
  • Parents purchase a set for their child to use at home. Some parents get two sets, one for home and one for school.
  • Employers get sets for themselves and their employees.
  • Adults who experience migraines, frequent headaches or have to concentrate on reading over a long period of time use them at work and at home.


November 2014: Karen Starkiss received an email from someone who was at a workshop I ran about making schools ‘Inclusive” This is what she wrote:

 I attended the presentation you gave at a Primary school in Canberra earlier this year. I loved the way you gave your talk and what you had to say. My brother was diagnosed with dyslexia about 4 years ago, he is 41. He has only read one proper novel in his life and it took him about a year to do it. After I heard what you had to say I got straight on to the website and bought a set of five reading rulers and sent them to him. He received the rulers and gave them a go. He found the yellow ruler was the one for him. He was blown away by the effect it had on the writing in front of him. He said it was like someone else was reading for him. He was amazed as am I. He couldn't thank me enough. So in turn, I am writing to thank you. He struggled terribly at school and I just wish his dyslexia had have been picked up when he was very young. I wish I could turn time back for him but with his new discovery hopefully he can start to enjoy reading and learning from now on.