The Five Big Essential Skills Maps for Reading & Helpful Resources


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Thousands of studies of the teaching of reading, and how children learn to read, have been published in scientific and academic journals.


This research was concluded, in 2000, and is the largest, most comprehensive evidenced based review ever conducted by the USA National Reading Panel (NRP).


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This research was followed by more extensive research by Australian National Inquiry into the Teaching of Literacy (2005) and UK Rose Report (2006). All studies placed an emphasis on teaching five essential skills for reading and that a high-quality literacy program must include all five components.

⦁ Phonemic Awareness
⦁ Phonics
⦁ Vocabulary
⦁ Fluency
⦁ Comprehension

The recommendations were that students be explicitly and systematically taught.

The five maps indicate what should be included in each of the five areas and are accompanied by explanations of some targeted activities such as Repeated Reading, Choral Reading and Readers Theatre. There are also suggestions for evidence-based programs and a number of websites containing information and numerous resources to help you plan and deliver your lessons.

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