Desk-sized Handmade Wooden Alphabet letters


Great for Introducing and Practicing Synthetic phonic Instruction as well as teaching the alphabet.


They are 6mm thick and therefore strong and very difficult to break. The size length of letters such as ‘a’ is 3cm and the ‘f’ is 6cm.
Desk-sized Wooden Alphabet Letters- lower case.

 These letters are handmade and beautifully finished just like the large letters but they are smaller and therefore can be more easily used at a child’s desk.

Like the wooden letters they are in the internationally recognised SASSOON INFANT and therefore are very similar to the handwriting style taught in schools. These letters however, contain each letter of the alphabet plus an additional ‘e’ and ‘o’ to enable the children to practice vowel digraphs and diphthongs for example ‘need’ or ‘soon.’ They also have an additional ‘d’ and ‘s’ so that children can also practice past tenses and plurals for example ‘dived’ or ‘saves‘.

Wooden letters are so much better for teaching synthetic phonics than cards because the make learning multi-sensory in that the child is seeing the letter, hearing the sound and Feeling the shape of the letter that makes the sound, something they can’t do with a letter on a card.

Further description

Dyslexic children must be taught using multi-sensory methods and the wooden letters enable them to learn how to read, spell and sequence the alphabet using touch as well as seeing, saying and doing. The letters are of great value to all children and are so versatile, they can be used to build up words phonetically, for sequencing the alphabet, introducing dictionary skills and tracking for those children with visual processing difficulties. They are also the only type of letters that you can use to help children who reverse alphabet letters or have difficulty telling the difference between b/d or p/q. 

An absolute essential for teaching children with dyslexia and also children who have difficulty with spelling. The uses and possibilities are endless and the letters provide an excellent learning resource for all children, not just those who are dyslexic.

There are many more ideas and suggestions for using the letters to improve literacy skills in the manual 'How to Identify, Support and Teach Children with Special Needs in the Mainstream Classroom'.
Price $16.00 per set


Price: $16.00 per set