• Titan's Gauntletts Series

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    Book 8 Page2 Book 7 Page 2 book 5 page 6
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    Titans Gauntlets,
    Books 1-10

    Set of ten books introducing further alternative vowel and consonant spellings, and common Latin Suffixes.

    Book 1: 'ue': u, ue, u-e
    Book 2: 'u': u, o, uo
    Book 3: 's': s, ss, se, c, ce
    Book 4: 'l': l, ll, le, al
    Book 5:'j': j, g, ge
    Book 6: 'f': f, ff, ph
    Book 7: 'cher': ture
    Book 8: 'shun': tion
    Book 9: 'shul': cial, tial
    Book 10: 'zhun': sion

    Available on the Accelerated Readers programme.
    The books can be found on the programme by searching for the individual titles.