School/Parent Partnership


There has been extensive research about the affects of parental involvement in their child's school and  research evidence points to the fact that parents and schools working together in a positive way can have a significant impact on the child's academic progress and well-being. When families and schools work together, children are more likely to build good relationships and do better at school.


This page is dedicated to helping schools and parents build positve partnerships. More information will be added in the coming weeks.


There are two, main sections containing resources for Schools and also for Parents:


 PDF file Introduction Positive School and Parent Partnerships


For Schools

PDF file What are the Main Barriers to a Positive Parent Partnership?

PDF file Improving Parental Involvement- Questions Schools might ask themselves

PDF file Considerations Regarding Diversity

PDF file Parents as Partners in their Child's Learning- What this might look like

PDF file Ways that Parents can contribute to school Life A sample Questionnaire


For Parents

PDF file Choosing the right School for your child- What to look for and questions to ask

PDF file Working in Partnership with the School

PDF file Tackling Homework & Helping your Child Study for Exams


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