School/Parent Partnership


             Building a Positive Parent and School Partnership – Introduction

                   Karen Starkiss- Dyslexia Assessment and Support Services

 When families and schools work together, children are more likely to build good relationships and do better at school. Showing children that education is important, building their confidence and connecting with their school helps to shape children’s learning and well-being.


The impact parents can have

Parents and families are children’s first teachers and they continue to help their children to learn and thrive throughout the school years. When their family’s love and support is combined with the expert knowledge of teachers, it can have a significant and lasting impact.


                              (See below for school and parent resources)

Benefits to the children

ü  Research has shown that children do well and achieve more when parents are involved in their schooling

ü  It is easier for children to learn and be motivated to do well when there is encouragement from home

ü Children can have better relationships with other children, improved behaviour and greater confidence

ü Children can do better at school and are more likely to graduate and go on to college, TAFE or university

ü Improved school attendance

ü  Any concerns about the child can be dealt with more effectively when parents have a positive relationship with school staff


Benefits to Parents

ü  Their children achieve more when they are involved

ü  They are better able to support and encourage their children

ü  They are better informed about their children’s education

ü  Parents confidence in the school improves

ü  Parents are reassured that their children are receiving a good education

ü  Parents can become involved in school life in a number of ways


The benefits for the school are:

ü  Improved communication with parents leads to better understanding about their students

ü  Parents bring skills which complement teachers’ skills and expertise

ü  Parents contribute their time, so together parents and teachers are able to do more activities with pupils than teachers can do on their own

ü  Pupils' attainment and behaviour improve

ü  Parents can give advice and help around how the school can best support the children and in reaching other parents.


Schools and Parents work best when:

Ø  They are working together on matters that they feel are important

Ø  There is mutual respect and everyone’s contribution is valued

Ø  Their efforts are productive and they achieve results.



For Schools

PDF file Barriers to Parent Partnership

PDF file Considerations regarding Diversity

PDF file How can schools improve Parents Involvement in their child’s Learning?

PDF file Parents as Partners in their Child’s Learning- How this might look in your school

 PDF file  What Skills and Expertise Can Parents Contribute to School Life?


For Parents

PDF file Choosing the right School for your child- What to look for and questions to ask

PDF file Tackling Homework & Helping your Child Study for Exams

PDF file Creating a Positive Learning Environment: Building a Relationship with the School



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