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Creating an Inclusive Workplace workshops MLC Life insurance Testimonial-link


Consultancy-Raising Standards in Reading, Spelling and Literacy in General -Link


Consultancy-Raising Standards in Reading, Spelling and Literacy in General -Link


Identifying Learning Difficulties and Inclusion Workshops for Primary and Secondary Schools- Link


ACT Taskforce Team member and presenter- implementing recommendation for report Taskforce for Students with Learning Difficulties-Link



Testimonials for Dyslexia Assessments

Having our daughter assessed for dyslexia was the best decision we could have made for her. The assessment was such a great starting point for us. Our daughter was so relieved to find out that there was reason why even though she worked so hard she could not obtain the results she wanted and this was starting to affect her confidence in all areas of her life. Karen carried out the assessment in a manner that made our daughter very comfortable with the process and met with us after sending the report to us, to explain the report and how both us as parents and our daughter's school could make changes to assist with her learning.

Our daughter's school was very receptive and supportive to the changes recommended in the report and her teacher reported that these changes actually made a difference in the first two weeks.  Our daughter has also been very pleased with the results that she has achieved by putting in a few simple changes into the way she learns things. The school did note how detailed and helpful Karen's assessment was. Obviously our daughter is going to continue coming across challenges as a result of her dyslexia but now we have strategies in place that can assist her in the way that she learns and this has seen her confidence increase immensely.

M & S O'B Bayside area

Testimonials for courses

 One Day Courses for Teachers, Speech Pathologists and Psychologists

In-service for schools and regional



The workshop was fun and interactive, not too heavy in content and addressed ways to educate across the spectrum of skill set. I learned a lot form the phonic section and particularly enjoyed the etymology of words. CH Gippsland Grammar .


It was a really fantastic PD, practical and very engaging. Addressed exactly what we need to improve on in our school. I could have listened for longer which is saying something!

BC Clairveaux Primary



The first PD which offered information along with so much strategy advice and hands-on tools and ideas, Thank you!

B L Padua College


The content of the course exceeded my expectations. This was a most practical course; great ideas to Implement and a wonderful list of resources to learn from.
AP - Maramba Primary


Absolutely excellent! I have learnt more from this course than I have from previous PDs over the past 3 years. Good value for money. All the ideas presented are useful for all children regardless of age or ability level.   

 JD- Gilson College

I cannot thank you enough-I have a child in my classroom who has been diagnosed as dyslexic and I felt so confused about the sort of program I should be planning for him. Today gave me a lot more assurance and hope that I can help him. I loved that there were so many practical ideas and resources that we could put straight into our planning

AO'D- Newport Lakes Primary


I thoroughly enjoyed today; presented well and had a good balance of listening and interaction.
JS - Donvale Christian College


Can't thank you enough for your presentation. I enjoyed the whole day and was engaged in everything you had to say. I can't wait to implement the ideas in my classroom.

RD-Cambridge Primary

I learnt a lot of strategies that could be used to assist those in the class who have yet to be formally diagnosed with dyslexia. The information on the course was extremely valuable and practical.
ZH - Caulfield Grammar

Thank you, Karen. I have so many great ideas to go back to school with and hopefully make systematic change. All the sessions were wonderful but the practical ideas were invaluable.
DC - Dingley Primary


Great day of Learning! I could change the whole way my classroom works with what I learnt today!!

HM- Simpson Primary


A really practical, informative day. I feel much more informed and have some very practical ideas to help the children I work with. All sessions were extremely helpful.

FD- St Bernard's Primary, Wangaratta


The complete day was great -extremely informative with heaps of ideas that could very easily be incorporated into the daily literacy block

AMC- St. Brendan's Colac


Really excellent presentation; insightful, interesting and user-friendly for every staff member

LB Sacred Heart Primary Colac


I thought that Karen was professional and evidently knew her content and was passionate. She gave across a 'can-do' approach to a very difficult aspect of teaching.

RR- Castlemaine North Primary


I have learned an incredible amount of valuable information from this course which will be extremely beneficial with my studies and with my future teaching career

SM- student at Castlemaine Primary School


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Twilight Courses/half Day 3.5 Hour Courses for Teachers and Classroom Assistants


It was fascinating to learn that helpig those with dyslexia will help the rest of the students. I needed this PD years ago!  NT Aspendale Primary August 2019


The content of the workshop absolutely met my expectations and more. It was highy engaging, informative and valuable for all staff including specialists.  I learned the most about how to make my classroom incusive for all. JJ Aspendale Primary August 2019


Excellent presentation. Very informative and lots of great strategies were offered to improve students learning in the classroom. JH Bellbrae Primary School


I wish I had the privilege of doing this course a few years ago. In my first year od teaching I am now sure I had at least three students who were dyslexic - TU Yea Primary School


I now understand more about the disability and really needed those strategies to help in the classroom - JS Alexandra Primary School


Loved it! So informative, great ideas, excellent rapport with the audience. Kept everyone fully involved and engaged.   GJ- Beth Rivkah Ladies College


So much great, practical information, which could be easily integrated into 5 minute blocks.- MB Resurrection Primary school June 2013


All the Information was very Practical and do-able. The number of resources was amazing. Understanding of dyslexic children- invaluable- MH Resurrection Primary School


Informative and enjoyable- All teachers need further training in this area. We do not know enough about what to do with children who are struggling- L Diamond Creek East Primary July 2013


Courses for Heads of Integration and Classroom Assistants


Brilliant course: I came away feeling much more capable of helping kids who are struggling and identifying what they need help with.
KM Southern region

Fantastic, well run, knowledgeable speaker. Left with much information to sift through and try out.
JH Southern Region

Interesting, eye opening, informative and very practical; we can really put into practice what we have learned.
S.O. Southern Region

Creating an Inclusive and Accessible Learning Environment for Students with LD

New course to train key teachers and provide them with a Toolkit to go back to school and train their staff to become more inclusive- provided for staff from all schools in the ACT


Extremely Valuable. Lots of strategies that are both useful and practical. Wonderful addition to the first session offered in this series. Fell quite empowered after today- KG Teaching and School Leadership section


It was good to hear ideas/perspectives from someone who is obviously an expert on the subject. I appreciate all of the information and engaging anecdotes- KS Ainslie


Thank you as this is a highly valuable and informative course. Thank you, Karen for sharing your expertise as it has improved my understanding  and provided strategies. Thanks for the humour and anecdotes MK Kingsford Smith School


Professional Development Workshops for Tafe Trade Tutors and Teachers


The most fascinating and informative workshop I have ever attended; I hung on every word, so great, fantastic trainer, lovely lady. VA Frankston Workshop


Karen was excellent and provided lots of valuable information that I will definitely be more awarwe of when teaching. It was a real eye opener about dyslexia; so much more to it! Anon Dandenong

Courses for Casual Relief Teachers


Excellent references to both Primary and Secondary schools. Very informative, interesting, 'food for thought' and practical. Excellent presenter- really kept me focused and thinking! Great tine and audibility. I have learned a lot and will take away some great ideas to use in a normal class setting. I have learned so much today. MC Point Cook


This course exceeded my expectations. It was informative, interesting and kept my attention all day. JL-s. Gippsland

This was a fantastic day. Very informative, challenging and thought-provoking. Loads of resources, things to read further and to take away and refer to later. ES- Point Cook

I found the course inspiring and very informative. Great that so much of it is relevant to all children. Great balance of listening/participation. You are a terrific speaker and thanks heaps for all the websites. - KDP- Ballarat

A very thorough and enlightening day. I learned so much and feel confident in being able to work with children with this learning disability. I particularly enjoyed the visual demonstrations you used as explanations ad the audience participation. PS- Ballarat


Very Informative and practical, it raised my awareness greatly. I loved your enthusiasm and passion-inspiring and engaging. Loved how your strategies/approaches can be applied across the whole classroom. Beneficial to all students, not just dyslexics. KB- NW Melbourne 


Karen's presentation was concise, thorough and extremely enjoyable. Very informative and presented so well. JK. S. Gippsland

Very Informative, interesting and well presented. I enjoyed the whole presentation and now have so much knowledge to take away with me and great resources at my fingertips. MB- Point Cook

Very practical, loads of user-friendly ideas to use in the classroom. Loved the stories and experiences shared to illustrate a point. A brilliant resource list to help us find information and resources. JH Warragul June 2013

Karen was enthusiastic and so very easy to listen to. I learnt heaps and would recommend the course highly. MD- Ballarat

Superb- Deeply useful for teaching all students, not just dyslexic ones. SE Pakenham

Excellent. I have learned what I wanted to know about how dyslexia affects students, how to diagnose and many ways to help. JOP- Ballarat


I found this very informative and will be very useful not only for dyslexic children but for many children who have learning difficulties.  AT- S. Gippsland  

Great description of the how and why, then terrific practical examples of what to do in the classroom. LBL- Meeniyan

Courses for Parents

I thought that the course was fantastic and well worth attending. I loved the practical tips and strategies to try out at home and school, which I know I can do easily. LP- Yarraville Support Group

The best overview of how to parent children with dyslexia I have been to. Specific tactics and techniques to use and the message that we need to use technology more. JC Speld March 2015

The course went far beyond what I had hoped for. An outstanding presentation, which provided a wealth of tremendous, practical ideas to assist all students to improve their literacy skills. Two of the best PD hours I have had- PV Bendigo support Group

The workshop exceeded my expectations. It was very useful, particularly information about available resources to use. Comprehensive seminar, addressed all relevant issues and generous with provision of resources. Loved and appreciated every bit- GO Speld March 2015

Excellent Content and lovely insights into working with children with dyslexia, great technology ideas-LP Speld march 2015

I found Karen so informative. I have been to a lot of PDs; this is the best ever, I learnt so much- SS Bendigo Support Group

Supporting Struggling Secondary School Readers:

Very informative, excellent resources provided and practical examples- KH Box Hill Support
Masses of resources to use and refer to- just great. -NL Box Hill Support Group


E-mail: karen@dyslexiasupportservices.com.au