Karen Starkiss - Wodonga July 2012


TESTIMONIAL - By reading her list of accomplishments it is 100% clear that Karen Starkiss is very knowledgeable and has a great deal of experience in dealing with Dyslexia.
It is not until you sit in a room with her that you begin to understand exactly how valuable a presenter she is.
Karen Starkiss has a professional air and the ability to transfer her knowledge to those attending in an engaging and understandable way. This professional approach is tempered with a wondrous childlike quality with an underlying wisdom that also makes her instantly likeable and trustworthy.
It is rare to come across a presenter able to transfer so much knowledge and wisdom in so little time without much of it being lost due to being assaulted by such a high volume of information.

Few times have we ever received such extensive comments in feedback from those attending. Karen Starkiss has provided participants with a learning experience for that gives us no reason to hesitate in recommending her to any teacher wishing to deepen their knowledge of, and advance their skills and resources in teaching children with, dyslexia.

Melinda Lichnovsky-Klock. Wodonga CRT Support Network Coordinator


E-mail: karen@dyslexiasupportservices.com.au or phone 0402225051